Samsoonie Noodle & Rice

Korean Food | Casual Dining | $$ | Richmond, BC

You know that saying 'you don't have to go far because it might be just right around the corner'? Well, I totally felt that when I discovered Samsoonie Noodle & Rice!

A few weeks ago, my friend and I were craving for some Korean food. I wanted to try somewhere new and Samsoonie showed up with a pretty good rating on yelp. Instantly, I knew I had to try it and see for myself. 

Photos above were taken from the yelp website

From the look of the restaurant (inside and outside), it looked like it has been there for quite a long time now. Never thought there will be a hidden gem in that plaza! For those who are coming by car, do not worry because there are a lot of parking space around it. Doesn't it look very homey? 


Korean version of sushi. It's pretty good alright!


Fish Cake Hot Pot
This reminds me so much of those street food in South Korea. I am not a big fan of this one in particular but eating it brings back the memory of my trip. 


Mandu and Spicy Rice Cakes (tteokbokki) with chewy noodles
Last but not the least, my two favorites! I am not being biased because these are my favorite food, but they are good! I have no words to describe it so I am giving these my two thumbs up! 

I plan to come back more often in the future to try more food on their menu. I just need to bring my family or invite more friends because they have a pretty big serving.  Okay this post is making me hungry so I will end it right here. ヅ  

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!