Birthday Week

Last Thursday I turned a year older. I didn't have anything special planned because I suck at planning but I had a great week-long birthday celebration. I will be summing it up as I think it's the best way to remind myself how awesome last week turned out to be. 

Saturday | Aug 13, 2016
1PM~3PM - I took a modern calligraphy class by Christina of Fox & Flourish. Since I stopped practicing my writing, I've been meaning to take some classes with the hopes of regaining my drive in calligraphy. 

6PM~12AM - Tita Ana's son, Josh celebrated his 16th birthday. Her family prepared a boodle fight aka luncheon for lunch. Ahh~ You can never go wrong with Filipino food! <3 Spent the rest of the time chilling at Tin's room playing games, drinking and dancing until it was time to go home. 

Sunday | Aug 14, 2016
Woke up with a headache but that didn't stop my friends and I from going to the Lighthouse Park. We hiked a few trails, had Korean food for lunch, and gone go-karting for the first time. FUN! Below is a video to sum up the entire day. 

Monday | Aug 15, 2016
Krystel, Zamirah, and I took Eric M.'s Hiphop Intro and Krystel treated us with some bingsoo from Snowy Village after dance.

Tuesday | Aug 16, 2016
Just a typical day. Yoga and Zumba after work and I got to speak to KH on Skype after almost a week of not being able to talk. <3 

Wednesday | Aug 17, 2016
Took a dance class, had dinner at Blue Bella - a Korean Street Pub that we first fell in love with last week but for some reason our orders didn't taste as good as our first time. What a bummer. :( 

Thursday | Aug 18, 2016
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I received a sweet message from the boypren at exact 12AM. Had our monthly "Birthday Thursday" at work on the day of my birthday. After work, my friends and I headed to downtown to take a sexy street jazz. Love the routine that was made by Stephanie who by the way was pregnant! Wow. Dedicated. Love it! After dance, Krystel, Zamirah, and I met up with Ria and Sel to grab some ice cream at On Yogurt. Earl Grey Tea with Oreo is the bomb. BEST ICE CREAM. Ended up staying until the store closed because we were drawn by playing jenga. Definitely a fun night to end my birthday. <3

Friday | Aug 19, 2016
After work, Kuya Art, Ate Joy and Ate Grace went to Ate Joy's place to eat some delicious LA Chicken and chitchat for a little bit. It was the first time I've been to Ate's place and gahh~ it made me want to have my own little place as well. One day. One day!

Saturday | Aug 20, 2016
Hiked Joffre Lake and it was beautiful! I am totally in love with the clear turquoise water. Check out this video that I put together for this trip. 

Sunday | Aug 21, 2016
I took another workshop but this time it's Fox & Flourish's Brush Lettering class. If you can, I highly suggest you to take her workshops! She's friendly, cheerful and her aura of being artistic is just all over her. I like that. I feel like if you surround yourself with people like that, it'll inspire you to keep doing what you love to do. :) 

After the workshop, I met up with my family at the Dublin Irish Pub.