April 28, 2017 | Some highlights of this day:

  • Hairspray over setting spray if you want to set your makeup and make it last the entire day! Not good for your skin but your bff for an entire day like EXO’s concert. 
  • We met Carla when lining up outside The Forum
  • Mika and I bought D.O.’s jersey
  • I really wanted to go to the bathroom before the concert but didn’t risk it. My mentally that night was: get inside, find the best location, pee later.
  • I totally forgot about peeing from the moment EXO performed! lol
  • Started watching from the left side but we didn’t last because I can barely see.
  • Mika and I went to the back and I got to see the entire stage. It was lovely and airy but too far.
  • Last half, Mika was able to find me and drag me to the right side where we had the best view! We were right behind the bars!!!! OH MY GULAY!!!
  • D.O. <3
  • Baekhyun’s smile
  • Kai’s projections, eye contact and smile *faints*
  • Had dinner with Amber and Vivian at a Korean bbq called Ahgassi Gopchang. Uhm, SO GOOD!

Definitely a night to remember. My first EXO concert and now I want more! 

Updharma Down Live in Vancouver

June 4, 2017 x UDD

I don't remember exactly when I started listening to Updharma Down or how I got to know them. But I clearly remember visiting the Philippines in 2014 and I was quite bummed out that I will be in Palawan while they perform in Eastwood.

So when I saw on facebook that they will be here this June, I knew I cannot miss this chance. So glad my friends and brother were so down to go with me. <3 

I went for a general ad pass but I was able to meet 3/4 members of UDD by the end of the night. It was A-awesome! *kiligs*